Speeding Fines are a Postcode Lottery

The Daily Mail has reported that not only are the number of speeding fines rising (up 37% since 2011/12) but the chance of being fined varies greatly depending on where you live. West Yorkshire police detected the most speeding offences in 2018/19 at 182,000 while Wiltshire police caught fewer than 1,000. The latter figure is accounted for by the fact that all speed cameras in Wiltshire were turned off in 2010.

Note that almost all speeding offences are detected by cameras and 44% of those identified are offered and accept a speed awareness course. In terms of the overall number of motoring offences, which were 2.8 million in 2018/19, speeding accounted for 84% of them. That means over 1 million people paid for a speed awareness course from which a proportion of the money is retained by the police. You can see why they are so keen to maintain this racket when there is no evidence that attending a speed awareness course improves a driver’s accident record.

See https://www.speed-awareness.org for more information and to sign up for our AMPOW campaign against the illegal use of police waivers to extract money from motorists.

See https://tinyurl.com/t94xtof for the Daily Mail article which gives more details.

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