Dorset Police Spell Out the Money they Make from Speed Awareness Courses

Dorset police have said that “The Covid 19 Pandemic has significantly impacted on the receipts from the Driver Awareness Scheme and other income streams”. That includes a figure of £500,000 in lost income from driver awareness courses for the second quarter of 2020/2021 which it has not been able to run – see . They have put in a “lost income claim” to cover the missing cash.

So the police (and significantly, the Dorset Police and Crime Panel), have the nerve to raid our taxes when due to some misfortune their money making activities sold to us as road safety have to be briefly suspended!!!!

Dorset Police are dependent on that income, cannot manage without it and refuse to listen to the facts that such courses do not save lives or reduce road accidents. The financial motivations they tell us don’t exist come before the concerns of reducing road death and serious injury and before the consideration of more suitable activities that might achieve it. This dishonesty and greed is costing lives.

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