Speed Awareness Courses Suspended

Due to the Coronavirus epidemic, NDORS has suspended the scheme that offers speed awareness courses to drivers. This is to avoid the need for people to sit in classrooms with other people.

It is not clear what will happen to those people who have already been offered a course and accepted as they will now not be able to book a course venue unless the suspension is lifted quickly or the time limit to attend is extended.

See https://www.ukroed.org.uk/covid-19-coronavirus-update/ for more information.

Comment: this is undoubtedly a sensible decision but it would be even better if this whole system of extracting money from motorists by threats of prosecution was abandoned. They should be prosecuted if they have committed an offence. If that path was followed it’s likely that drivers would revolt and the whole illegal money-making scheme would collapse.

Roger Lawson

(Twitter: https://twitter.com/AmpowABD )

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