How TTC Turned Speed Awareness Courses into a Big Business

An interesting article in the Shropshire Star has explained how local company TTC Group, based in Telford, have turned the provision of speed awareness courses into a big business. To quote from the article:

“Jim Kirkwood, TTC CEO, said: Since the business was formed in 1993, we have helped more than 2.7 million people across the UK. That is some achievement and a long way from when Graham and Jenny Wynn came up with the idea of reducing casualties on the road and re-offending through better driver education and training.

Back then there was only the two of them and a small team in their Shropshire office, but that didn’t stop them from creating a pilot scheme which cut re-offending by 50 per cent. This proved they had something that worked and prompted the Government to push through new legislation encouraging education as an alternative to punishment.

TTC has built on this pioneering work and today is one of the largest National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS) training providers, offering seven police referral courses.

The award-winning company employs 130 people at its headquarters on Hadley Park and a 500-strong panel of approved trainers that deliver coaching and NDORS courses on behalf of 14 police forces across the UK.”

Apart from the fact that Mr Kirkwood was incorrect in stating that legislation was put in place to cover education course – there is no such legislation covering the use of police waivers and the offer of education courses – and that reoffending rates are not reduced to anywhere near the extent claimed with no reduction in casualties (see the recent Ipsos-MORI report), you can see how the NDORS scheme has enabled the building of a big private-sector company which generates enormous profits for its owners. Indeed this business is so profitable that it was acquired by Palatine Private Equity recently and is now called Project Track Topco Ltd.

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