Driver Alertness Course Example

Another report of an attendance at an “education” course following a police waiver offer appeared in the Financial Times Magazine last Saturday (6/8/2016). In this case it was for a “Driver Alertness Course” following an alleged failure to stop or report an accident.

The report was from FT columnist Lucy Kellaway who had scraped another car when parking in a Sainsbury’s car park. She had not realised any damage was done so drove off (it was only a minor paint scrape in fact). The police threatened her with prosecution for failing to stop (maximum penalty – 6 months in prison).

She accepted the offer to attend the course in return for a waiver of prosecution. But she did not seem too impressed by the day’s training.

She asked the trainer “if the course made people less prone to prang, but he seemed not to know”. Perhaps not surprising as there is none. She reported at the end of the article that she was trying to drive more carefully, “but I doubt it will last long”.

Comment: This was surely not a matter that the police would have concerned themselves with except they have learned they can now make money for themselves out of such incidents by threatening prosecution. A civil law matter it might have been but the invoking of criminal law was inappropriate. It’s yet another example of how the police are being corrupted, and justice perverted, by the use of waivers of prosecution.

Roger Lawson

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